Why have your manuscript edited?

  • Editing for language makes your research easier to read and understand. Our goal is to make your writing clear, concise, and engaging.
  • Editing for style adjusts your paper to meet the journal’s or publisher’s requirements, increasing the chances that your paper will be accepted.
  • Important findings are often obscured by language limitations. Many English-language journals recommend having your manuscript edited by a native English speaker, especially if English is not your first language.

What editing includes

In addition to correcting spelling and grammar, we edit for the following points:

  • Clarity
  • Grammar
  • Concise, natural expression
  • Consistent style
  • Journal guidelines for length, style, US or UK English, and reference and citation format
  • If specified by the publisher, APA, AMA, MLA, or CBE style

How to send your manuscript for editing

If you would like us to edit your manuscript, please e-mail us with 1) the title of the manuscript, 2) the number of words in the text to be edited, including any supplementary text or cover letter, 3) your deadline for editing, and 4) the journal’s name or website, if you want your paper edited to meet journal style. Many authors simply attach the documents to be edited; all documents are considered confidential. We’ll reply within 24 hours to confirm scheduling and price. If we are not able to accept the work, we may be able to recommend another experienced editor. We normally return the edited manuscript within 8-10 days, although rush editing (5 days) is also available.

Please send your manuscript as a Word document (*.doc or *docx). Please attach tables, supplementary text, your cover letter to the publisher, or other text as separate files. We recommend that you also send figures (as Word, pdf, Powerpoint, or jpg files), since we often refer to figures to help us understand text that is not clear. We will also check text in the figures for spelling and consistency.

When you receive your edited document, please read your manuscript carefully to make sure you agree with the edits. We will send a list of edits and recommendations that particularly need your attention. These may include sentences that could have more than one meaning, possible inconsistencies, and points that might need more background or explanation depending on the audience. You will be able to see changes using the Track Changes feature in Word.

While editing does not guarantee that your paper will be accepted and published, the papers we edit have had an excellent publishing rate.

Price and payment

Editing services are billed at $35 per hour. Editing typically requires between 15 minutes per page for a paper with very few errors, to 35 minutes per page for more challenging papers (a page is defined as 250 words.) Editing can also take longer if we are editing to journal guidelines that are particularly long and detailed. If we find that your paper needs more than 35 minutes per page, we will contact you to discuss possible solutions.

We accept Paypal and payment by direct bank transfer. Large projects may be billed in installments with an initial deposit.

About us

We offer editing for English for life sciences or medical researchers. All editors are native English speakers (USA). Some of the authors we work with are native English speakers (USA), but most are not.

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